Anniversary Cupcakes

Tq Yatie..

Carrot Walnut with Cream Cheese

Tq Dayah..
Rm65 for carrot walnut + pineapple + raisin

Buttercakes Cupcakes

Tq Ayu..
Rm38 for 16 pcs cupcakes

Ultraman Red Velvet Cakes

Red Velvet with Ultraman Edible Image - RM72

Thanks Sue..
Rm45 for 16 pcs Red Velvet Cupcakes

Doraemon Red Velvet Cakes for Birthday Girl

Thanks dear for this order..
Red Velvet with Edible Image - RM72 only

Choc Moist Cupcakes

Thank Mira for this orders

RM65 for 25 pcs choc moist cupcakes with full choc ganache

Superbike Cupcakes

Thanks dear for this order..

RM38 for 16 pcs Cupcakes

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